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ASU members win big! Check out changes to your pay and conditions.

Social & Communities May 5, 2021

It pays to be union.

We wanted to let you know something big. Together, ASU members have fought and won big changes for workers in the social, disability and community services sector. Congratulations!

For a long time ASU members have been outspoken about their conditions and what changes they want to see across the industry.

Sometimes fighting for change can be a long road but as your union we don’t back down from what’s important.

So, after 5 years of work the Fair Work Commission have agreed with ASU members and will be making important changes to the minimum terms and conditions for workers across social, disability and community services.

What will change?

Changes will be made to your award which sets out the minimum terms and conditions of every worker across the industry. The Commission has agreed with the ASU that:

  • Travel time should be paid time.
  • There should be a 2-hour hour minimum shift for disability workers (including each part of a broken shift).
  • There can only be 2 breaks in a broken shift (i.e. 3 2-hour periods).
  • Workers who work a broken shift should be paid an allowance.
  • Additional hours should be voluntary.
  • Part-timers should be able to ask their employer to increase their contract hours if they regularly work more than their contract hours over 12 months.
  • Employees should be able to swap shifts between themselves.

We won because of the hard work of ASU members.

Unfortunately, the Commission agreed with employers that there should be a ‘client cancellation clause’ for disability workers. This means if a client cancels their shift, then the employer can cancel your shift. If they do that, they must pay you for your shift but they are allowed to roster you for ‘make up time’ within 6 weeks of the cancelled shift.

What’s next?

These changes don’t apply immediately, but we will keep you updated at every step of the way! There is still more work to do to before the Fair Work Commission can finalise the changes to your award.

Every member and every voice in our union is the difference when it comes to change.

Let’s keep campaigning and winning to make sure we are treated with respect and dignity at work. Pass this important news to your colleagues who aren’t in the ASU and ask them to join at


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