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ASU Log of Claims – Neami

Social & Communities May 9, 2022

The Log of Claims (LOC) is the list of changes we want to see in the new Agreement to make work fairer and safer. We’ve put together this draft LOC based on our ASU member survey. Now, we’re asking for members to endorse the draft as our official ASU Log of Claims for the current round of bargaining.

 ASU Log of Claims – NEAMI Enterprise Agreement 2022

Valuing our Work

  • Fair increases to pay and allowances in each year of the enterprise agreement.
  • Better incremental progression to value our growing experience.
  • Ensure all staff are appropriately classified.
  • Include all undertakings to 2018 Agreement in the new EBA.

Supporting our People

  • Better support career development, including support for training and better study leave.
  • NEAMI will work with the ASU to ensure that all WHS issues are resolved.
  • Support workers’ mental health and wellbeing, including better access to EAP and external supervision.
  • Improve Paid Parental Leave for primary and secondary carers.

Working Together Better

  • Flexibility to work from home and the office.
  • Expand the scope of the Agreement to cover MHC employees, maintaining current pay rates.
  • Paid Isolation and Pandemic Leave.
  • End maximum-term and ensure all fixed term employment is used in limited circumstances (like leave replacement and secondments).
  • Support ASU members at NEAMI with stronger union rights.

Keeping what we have

  • Maintain all current conditions of employment, unless they are improved.
  • Any other claims that arise during bargaining.

You can join the ASU team at Speak to your ASU organiser today for more information:

Branch Contact Contact Number
NSW/ACT Madeleine Feledy 0448 131 163
VIC/TAS Kerman Daruwalla 0437 035 721
QLD Stuart Maggs 0439 713 803
SA/NT Paul Grillo 0418 841 769
WA Yvonne Klaa 0417 969 767



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