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Pre-Budget Homelessness Funding – 7 days to go – We need your help this week.

Social & Communities May 4, 2021
The Federal Budget is next week. Time is running out for the Government to Save Homelessness Services.

Let’s get the Federal Government to act for women not just talk about women.

Without action next week, federal funding for housing and homelessness services ends next month. Help us fix this now.

The Government can act on this immediately by continuing to pay their share of housing and homelessness funding in the budget next week. Keep the pressure on and send them the message here.

Demand for housing and homelessness services are surging, with more women and children fleeing family and domestic violence and seeking support. We cannot allow these critical services or front line workers to be cut.

Because everyone deserves to be safe.

We’ve won before and we can win again – but only with your help.

Send the Government and Minister Anne Ruston an email to commit to housing and homelessness services next week.

Without action, 56 million dollars will be ripped out of housing and homelessness services. That’s over 500 predominantly female frontline workers.

In this budget, we have a real opportunity to get the Federal Government to put their money where their mouth is. Help us win for workers and for Australians facing homelessness across Australia.

Email Anne Ruston, Minister for Social Services & Michael Sukkar, and Minister for Housing & Homelessness now to say: Don’t Close the Door – Save Homelessness Services.

By your side,
The Services Union

P.S We’ve only got 7 days until the budget is released. Can you join us and email Federal Minister Anne Ruston here to save housing and homelessness services!


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