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Introduction of change Newsletter - Salvation Army

The Salvation Army – Introduction of Change

Social & Communities April 11, 2019

When change occurs in my workplace, what do I need to know?

From time to time your employer may identify the need to explore changes that need to be made within your workplace and then take the necessary steps to implement these changes.

Your terms of employment are regulated by the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 and this requires your employer to consult with their employees once a determination to make change has been made.

Our union was recently informed by The Salvation Army that they are currently redesigning their pay system which may impact your pay cycle. One-third of the workforce will be paid in a new fortnightly pay cycle and some employees may experience a change to their pay days (Tuesday to Wednesday).

These changes are anticipated to occur between June to July 2019. If you are impacted by this, you will need to ensure that you change the date of any direct debits and deductions from your nominated bank account to ensure this aligns with the change.

With that being said, this is a good time to remind members of their rights when it comes to consultation about changes that occur in their workplace. The attached extract from the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 sets out the level of consultation required.

Change inevitably means things will be different to how they were before. Often change can improve situations however, sometimes achieving that improvement can result in a flow on affect that is not so good for all employees. Other times the change proposed can have significant impacts that are not all positive and so further discussion and consideration is needed.

What Should I Do If The Proposed Impact Is Going To Impact Me In A Significantly Negative Way?

Saying you don’t agree with the change will not be enough to stop it from occurring. If the change is going to significantly impact upon you, you need to identify what that impact will be and where possible identify ways the impact could be mitigated. Sometimes your employer hasn’t foreshadowed the impact you believe will occur so keeping the lines of communication open is always important.

As a member, you have the support of your union and can call through to seek advice specific to your situation or learn about how you and your colleagues can address widely felt issues about the proposed change.

After all, if other members are experiencing the same issue, then you are not alone and have a network that you can talk to.

Workers who are not members are reliant predominantly on the information and assistance provided to them by their employer.

If your colleagues aren’t members, share this information and ask them to join you in becoming Services Union Members. As a union member, you have access to union services and are contributing to making a positive change in your industry. Most importantly you will strengthen the collective power of your union at The Salvation Army.


For industrial advice and support, or to organise a workplace visit contact Services Connect:

E:              P: 07 3844 5300 Industrial


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