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Queensland Rail EBA Negotiations – Update Number 1

Rail March 8, 2019

As you are aware the EBA negotiations at Queensland Rail have officially commenced.  To start with, Union Officials are focusing on the Core Conditions that align across each of the agreements.  Once these conditions are negotiated or progressed to a point that allows the Unions to focus on the specifics we will break into different teams and will focus, with Delegate support, on each of the separate agreements.   Our nominated Delegates, for each of the agreements that we are negotiating, are listed below:

Station Operations:

Andrew Somerville

Colin Pezet

Brendan Ryan

Chris Bishop

Brendan Cuthbert

Anesti Karagiorgi

Lynette Burns

Travel and Tourism

Ed Josey

Ben Clayton

Lynne Hamblin

Train Control

Stephen Smith

Thomas Edwards

Stephen Wessling

Brian Boland

Stephen Brown

Mark Olsen

We have had a significant amount of feedback relating to the Log of Claims and the most updated version is attached for your perusal.  We will be keeping all members fully informed on our progress with each of these claims.  The areas of most concern relate to Flexible Work Arrangements, Recruitment & Selection, Rostering practices and Training and Career path opportunities.  A significant number of issues relating to Leave Arrangements have also been included in our Log of Claims.

Please let your colleagues know about the Log of Claims identified by members of The Services Union.  It is an important time to be a member of our Union and to be fully informed of the negotiation process and key outcomes.  Please encourage your colleagues who have not yet chosen a Union, to join now.


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