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City of Gold Coast

What’s Happening in the New Year at City of Gold Coast?

Local Authorities December 22, 2018

For members of The Services Union at City of Gold Coast, 2018 has been interesting to say the least. As for what the new year holds, here’s a snapshot of events confirmed for early 2019:

  • Magic Millions Race Day @ GC Turf Club – 12 January
  • Queensland Triathlon Series @ Robina – 13 January
  • Australia Day Celebrations @ Broadwater Parklands – 26 January
  • Fair new Certified Agreement (CA) at City of Gold Coast – ???

Unfortunately the last point is still a bit of an unknown. Council isn’t interested in talking to us unless it’s in a formal QIRC conciliation setting, and that can’t happen while the scope order application of sections of the outdoor workforce remains unheard. What we do know is that the last time we met, Council was still very keen on only giving you an increase of 2.2%, and only if you accepted the following changes:

  1. TWO-TIER WAGES: The City openly says administrative levels 1 to 3 are overpaid. Management proposes to pay new staff on those levels up to 9% less than existing staff doing the same work.
  2. REDUCTION OF REDEPLOYMENT TIME: If your position is made redundant, The City has twelve months to try and find you another job before retrenching you. The City wants to reduce this to 25 weeks, making it easier to retrench you.
  3. FUTURE CITY: The City wants the flexibility to roster you to do ordinary hours anywhere from 4am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday.
  4. LOCAL AREA AGREEMENTS (LAAs): 75% of affected staff is the current majority required to make or alter an LAA. The City wants to reduce this to 50% +1.
  5. FORTNIGHTLY PAY: The City currently pays you weekly but wants to change this to fortnightly. What happens in the first fortnight when you have to survive on a week’s pay?

This year our Union has made new CAs with upwards of 20 Queensland Councils. We’ve delivered pay increases greater than what’s on offer at City of Gold Coast, without having to trade away conditions. This hasn’t always happened easily, but strong membership has delivered the winning combination. We know that City of Gold Coast has never given our members anything without a fight, so if you’re note yet a member, make it your new year’s resolution to join and change Council’s mind about what a fair deal looks like. It’s easy at


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