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Redland City Council

Welcome Back and All Systems Go at Redland City Council!

Local Authorities February 11, 2019

The Services Union extends a warm welcome back for 2019 to all members at Redland City Council, regardless of whether you were lucky enough to get away over the break.

No doubt the CEO’s Christmas lump-sum was a welcome bonus, and now the task at hand is to finalise the new Certified Agreement (CA) so that the overdue increase to your base rates can take effect.

Only one unresolved issue stands between you and the first of the agreed annual 2.4% pay increases. That the issue remains unresolved is of Council’s making. Simply put, Council wants the ability to cut the pay and conditions of your front-line colleagues in local laws.

Council is trying to do this by using a scope order application with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). In its application, Council argues that the current arrangement as to which Agreement covers which employees should remain the same. We are saying that employees should continue to be covered by the Agreement which they are presently employed under.

What the Council is really saying is that they want to reserve the ability to boot employees onto lower rates of pay and conditions under a different agreement after we have signed up.

Whichever way you cut the cake this is not fair. An employee who votes on an Agreement should have some certainty that their employment will be covered by that Agreement.

Our Union has started the year on the front foot and requested a “clear-the-air” meeting with the CEO. This meeting will happen today (Monday 11 February) and will be led by The Services Union’s Branch Secretary Neil Henderson.

Members will be informed of the outcome of the meeting. Remind your colleagues of the importance of being part of our Union. It’s the resolve of members that has held off Council’s condition-cutting proposals, and that resolve is what will get us over this final hurdle. Joining is easy at


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