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Local Authorities September 3, 2021

The Services Union participated in further Operational and Field Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations with Urban Utilities on Wednesday 1 September.

We pressed for more information about why Urban Utilities rejected your very reasonable request for improved consultation including a revived Joint Consultative Committee. Management representatives stated that existing arrangements were sufficient. You can be the judge of whether this is the case, or whether Urban Utilities just doesn’t think you are worth talking to about significant workplace changes. We will continue to press this claim; there is no reason you and your colleagues should not enjoy proactive and regular consultation about what is happening in your workplace, in line with your water operations colleagues across Queensland.

Urban Utilities also rejected your claims for job security, guaranteed staffing levels and locking current rostering arrangements into the EA but has left the door open to discussing provisions to improve mental health. Job security, rostering stability, consultation and guaranteed staffing levels are essential for your health and peace of mind. We will continue to work with you to convince your employer that it needs to address all of these important issues and not just cherry pick the ones it finds least inconvenient.

We have confirmed that discussions will occur fortnightly from Wednesday 15 September. You deserve an Agreement which delivers industry standards and pay rates that recognise the essential services you deliver to your community. As your workplace ally, The Services Union always believes you’re worth talking to about the things that matter at work, and we welcome the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, remind them of what we’re doing. Joining is easy at


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