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Somerset Regional Council – Union Takes Steps Towards Fair Pay

Local Authorities October 9, 2019

The Services Union today applied to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) for assistance to finalise the Somerset Regional Council Certified Agreement (CA). The unresolved issue is Council’s determination to maintain the inequitable two-tier wage system it opportunistically inserted into the current CA in 2015 under the Newman government’s legislation.

Since that time, our Union has renegotiated over 35 CAs, none of which contain a two-tier wage structure. Members at Somerset have made it clear that if equal pay for equal work is good enough for other Council’s, it’s good enough for this one.

Put simply, there is no factual basis for downgrading wages of administrative staff. The majority of Queensland Local Authorities accept this, and if it takes the assistance of the QIRC to convince Somerset, then so be it.

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