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Union Pursues Issues at Scenic Rim Consultative Committee

Local Authorities October 17, 2019

The Services Union led further discussions around consultation at the Scenic Rim Regional Council Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) held on Tuesday 15 October.

Our Union raised concerns that members have been issued with new Position Descriptions (either by email or simply left on their desk in a folder) and a note requesting a signature. This falls dramatically short of “consultation” by any definition. Any major change, such as to reporting structure, altered hours of work, diminution of job opportunities or tenure or the need for retraining must be done in consultation with you and your union.  Common courtesy demands that even a minor change should involve a face to face meeting to discuss the change.  The Services Union continue discussions with Council outside the JCC, with a view to resolving this issue promptly.

Our Union also raised the issue of members building excessive flex leave due to managements lax supervision of work flows.  Some work areas are reporting that they are feeling pressured to work overtime to complete their work but are unable to take accrued time off to refresh and refocus.  The Services Union will likewise pursue further meetings with Council over this issue. Great suggestions towards resolution are already coming from our Delegates.

Strong and growing union membership has us well positioned to resolve these issues – make sure you are contributing.

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