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Union Notifies Dispute Over Gympie Council Redundancies

Local Authorities June 25, 2020

The Services Union has this morning re-notified a dispute in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) against Gympie Regional Council. The dispute has been triggered by Council’s failure to consult over redundancies and other significant workplace changes. Not only is this is a flagrant breach of the provisions of the Certified Agreement (CA) but it is also directly at odds with what the Acting Chief Executive Officer told all employees last week in relation to how things would unfold on 18 June.

Our Union became aware two weeks ago of Council’s plans to restructure its operations. We wrote to Council on 11 June requesting further information and reminding Council of its obligations to notify and consult in accordance with the CA. On 17 June, the Acting CEO announced implementation of a restructure in the Construction Department along with several redundancies. The Services Union lodged a dispute with the QIRC the following day.

The Acting CEO then wrote to all staff setting out how the Council would approach its obligations to consult with you and published a timetable.

At an interim Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting on Monday 22 June, Council informed us that it would notify and consult with us as per the CA over the proposed changes, and subsequently confirmed this in writing. However, yesterday the Acting CEO advised staff of several impending redundancies. These actions by the Acting CEO completely disregard the commitments given to staff and The Services Union. This is a very serious matter.

Our Union has now re-notified the dispute and the QIRC will hear the matter at 1:00pm today. We will keep members updated as the issue unfolds. In the meantime, do not attend a meeting with management without your Workplace Delegate, and do not sign anything. Members can always access advice and support throughout these uncertain times. If you’re not a member, get on board now to avoid having to go it alone:


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