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Lockyer Valley

Union Monitors Issues at Lockyer Valley

Local Authorities November 21, 2019

The Services Union participated in discussions on several key issues at Tuesday’s Lockyer Valley Regional Council Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). The main topics were as follows:

Organisational Effectiveness Review

  • Management spoke about the review that is taking place with regards to the effectiveness of services, looking to complete review before Council elections.
  • A potential restructure/realignment was mentioned but it was stated that this will only affect executive managers and those on contracts.

Superannuation Obligations

  • It was raised at the last JCC meeting that there is an issue around superannuation payments with regards to annual leave loading.
  • Management is still awaiting legal advice before formulating a position.
  • As soon as the Union is made aware of the nature of that advice, we will advise members accordingly.

The Services Union will monitor both issues. If you have any immediate concerns, please contact your Workplace Delegate, Ben Fitzpatrick. Remember that we can only assist our members in ensuring that entitlements such as superannuation and consultation over workplace change are correctly implemented. If you’re not yet part of our Union, joining is easy at


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