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Union Makes Bargaining Headway at Torres Strait Island Regional Council

Local Authorities June 29, 2020

Workplace Delegates and officials of The Services Union have made significant headway negotiating your new Certified Agreement (CA) with Torres Strait Island Regional Council.

Having a strong Union presence is helping us achieve our bargaining goals. At the last meeting, our Union got Council to agree to the following CA provisions:

  • Consultation and dispute resolution clauses in line with the 2017 Award
  • Transition-to-retirement clause

Additionally, we were able to persuade Council to agree to provide explanations as to why locality allowance has not been paid up till now, and why indoor staff work 38 hours per week instead of 36.25.

We will next meet with Council on Thursday 23 July. Before this, we will provide for Council’s consideration draft clauses for the following:

  • Fixed-term conversion
  • Union encouragement
  • Redundancy

In the meantime, please share and discuss this update with your colleagues.

The Services Union has represented local government officers just like you for 100 years, and we understand the important frontline role you play in delivering essential services for your community. Remind any non-member colleagues what strong membership has delivered so far, and that joining will ensure we achieve a CA that you and your colleagues deserve. Members know that The Services Union is by your side every step of the way when it comes to CA negotiations. Joining is easy at


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