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moreton bay regional council

Union Flags Moreton Bay Regional Council Shortcomings

Local Authorities April 9, 2019

The Services Union met yesterday with Greg Hoffman and Gary Kellar of Grassroots Connections as part of the ongoing organisational review at Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Neil Henderson (Union Secretary), Ben Jones (Local Government Lead) and Tom Rivers (Organiser) provided Messrs Hoffman and Kellar with an overview of our Union’s interactions with the Council including the current EBA negotiations, concerns around ongoing issues including high staff turnover, two-tier wage system, job insecurity and lack of flexible working arrangements.  We highlighted instances where the Council’s well-resourced Human Resources team had failed to grasp changes to the Industrial Relations Act or the Award which covered the Council and the Council’s general heavy-handed approach to issues like returning to work from illness or parental leave. We also spoke about the Council’s top-heavy culture of bullying which our members have long-since tired of.

Despite question-marks surrounding the perceived independence of Grassroots, our Union received a fair hearing and a firm commitment that Grassroots would make the results of its recent survey public.

Regardless of whether a review is afoot, it is vital that you have a voice if we are to make Council once again a great place to work. If you aren’t yet a member then join the Union at and encourage a colleague to do likewise.


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