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moreton bay regional council

Union Certifies New Agreement at Moreton Bay Regional Council

Local Authorities October 28, 2019

Congratulations to all members of The Services Union at Moreton Bay Regional Council! We certified your new Agreement today, and it’s a great result.

Highlights of your new Agreement include:

  • Scrapping of inequitable two-tier wages
  • Increments re-introduced for post-EBA3 staff
  • Increased personal leave for post-EBA3 staff
  • Conversion to permanency after two years on temporary contract
  • Commitment to employment security
  • Improved workplace consultation – you will be consulted before any significant change
  • Union encouragement and Union Delegate leave

Wage Outcomes:

  • $1000 sign-on bonus
  • July 2019: 2.25% or CPI increase (whichever is greater)
  • July 2020: 2.25% or CPI increase (whichever is greater)
  • July 2021: 2.25% or CPI increase (whichever is greater)

Well done to our Union’s Workplace Delegates for leading a prolonged campaign, and to long-term members who stuck with it. Congratulations and welcome to members who joined more recently to help get the deal on the table.

Encourage non-members to join, which is easy at Direct any questions to your Workplace Delegate, and if there is no delegate in your work area and you are interested in maintaining and improving your working conditions, contact your organiser:


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