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Union Calls For Community Support in North Burnett (Update)

Local Authorities September 15, 2021

The Services Union has discussed our concerns with North Burnett Regional Council (NBRC) over the Council’s proposed cuts to Customer Service and Libraries.

As a result, Council have agreed to cease the current process and we will be working together over the next week to develop a fair and proper process which includes in depth consultation for the employees impacted.

Our Union is calling for community support to change the decision to reduce service hours. We have received a great deal of feedback from the community, and it is heartening to know that the work of our members in Customer Service and Libraries (CSL) is highly valued.

Our Union has written to the Mayor and Councillors asking them to reconsider the proposal to reduce CSL operating hours. We have also been very concerned to hear new examples where Council expenditure is being redirected outside of the North Burnett.

North Burnett communities rely on every job and every dollar being spent in the region. North Burnett communities need the Councillors to prioritise the region. They need to change their mind and give clear direction to Council management.

We will be asking Councillors to consider a resolution which commits North Burnett Regional Council to the following:

  1. Prioritise employment arrangements based within the region before facilitating remote working arrangements or engaging contractors in locations outside of North Burnett.
  2. Maintain the existing operating hours of customer service and libraries and retain the hours of work for all CSL permanent employees, and 6 casual positions.
  3. Identify other work which could be performed by those employees when not required to perform CSL tasks (i.e. information management, other admin support, community programs, etc), enabling opening hours to be maximised.

If community members believe this is necessary, contact your Councillor and let them know very clearly that you are seeking their support for this resolution.


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