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Time to see the money at Mackay Regional Council!

Local Authorities October 11, 2021

Getting a pay rise is an important reward for all the work you do and it has been a long time coming at Mackay Regional Council.  As you know the Certified Agreement negotiations have ceased and the Queensland Industrial relations Commission (QIRC) will make a Determination about what the outcome is. Hearings are scheduled for January at the Mackay Court House and your Union is busily preparing submissions, evidence and witnesses from amongst your Union delegates.

So that you won’t be without a pay rise until the QIRC makes its Determination in the future, we have made an application to the QIRC that they make an order for an interim pay rise of 2% backdated to 1 July 2021 for all Stream A award and Stream B award employees.

We trust that the Council will support our application to get an increase to your pay into your pocket at the earliest opportunity.

We are always on your side to get the best outcome for you.


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