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City of Gold Coast


Local Authorities March 14, 2019

The Services Union has called for a meeting of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) at City of Gold Coast Council to discuss what the CFMMEU, the Union seeking a scope order, is doing to finalise its application. At present the scope application is listed for hearing in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on the 11th and 12th of April 2019.

Yesterday, The Services Union’s Secretary Neil Henderson provided your Local Union Committee (LUC) with detailed analysis of the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act, and a report on where the stalled negotiations were likely to be heading while the CFMMEU’s scope application remains outstanding.

Members of the LUC expressed the concerns of all members that the matter needs to be brought to a resolution as early as possible. Requesting that all Unions attend a meeting of the SBU is the first step. Once the meeting is confirmed, we will advise members of the date and time, and subsequently report on the meeting’s outcome.

It’s worth remembering that we’ve finalised over 30 new local government certified agreements across Queensland, and in all cases we’ve achieved respectable pay increases without having to trade away conditions. Active membership is the key so if you’re not yet a member, get on board today:


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