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cassowary coast regional council

Time for Action at Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Local Authorities March 22, 2019

Yesterday, The Services Union notified Cassowary Coast Regional Council of our members’ intention to take protected industrial action in the form of work stoppages on Wednesday 27 March. A copy of the notification is attached.

This notification is consistent with recent on-site discussions convened by Union Secretary Neil Henderson, and with the recent ballot in which members voted overwhelmingly in favour of protected action. All Unions have notified Council of stoppages on Wednesday.

Please be reminded that any action will only be taken in consultation with those members proposing to take the action. We’ll be in touch with members early next week to discuss what action is appropriate for you and your work area.

Why Are We Taking Action?

The recent conciliation with Council and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) failed to finalise the outstanding items in your new Certified Agreement (CA). Council refused to acknowledge that its current wage offer is not acceptable, fair or reasonable.

Council did table a slightly revised offer of:

  • Year 1 – $1700 (already paid) plus 0.5% from the date the Draft Agreement is voted up by staff;
  • Year 2 – 2.25%
  • Year 3 – 2.25%
  • Year 4 – 2.25%

However, this ‘revised’ increase is only a 0.25% improvement in Year 2. Furthermore, it is offered only on the basis that the Flexible Working Arrangements and Use of Contractors clauses remain unchanged, and the On-Call Allowance is paid at the same rate for Stream B and Stream C employees.

Council is not taking your feedback seriously. Now is the time for members of all Unions to collectively show Council that we are serious about wanting a fair CA. The notified action provides the opportunity for members to do this before and during the next QIRC conciliation, which is also set down for Wednesday 27 March. Only members can participate in this action to influence a better outcome. Join now:

Note that our Union and the other Unions are absolutely committed to participating in Wednesday’s QIRC conciliation and we have confirmed this with Council and the QIRC. Should the hearing not go ahead, this will be purely down to Council.


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