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The Services Union delivers more than $2 million to Torres Strait Island Regional Council employees

Local Authorities December 23, 2020

The Services Union has today delivered over $2 million of backpay to all 177 Stream-A Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) employees! Our Union highlighted to Council earlier this year that Stream A staff should have been working 36.25hrs not 38hrs. This is a huge win and highlights the importance of having strong Unionised workplaces. This win has only been made possible through the hard work of our Union delegates and members who have come on board in huge numbers over the last couple of years. 177 Stream-A staff at TSIRC will be getting back paid overtime for the 1.75hrs a week that they shouldn’t have worked over the last five years and for some staff this will be a payment in excess of $10,000! While this has taken a long time to resolve with Council and administrate, the timing will be sweet with Christmas only two days away!

The Services Union bargaining team has been busy negotiating your new certified agreement and yesterday came one step closer getting this over the line. We are now ready to consult Union members at the end of January. Here are the headline improvements:

  • An extra 1.5% backdated pay for Award pay based staff (backdated to 1 September 2020). Making 2020’s wage increase for Award pay based staff 3.25%;
  • 2021 wage increase for all staff of 2.25% or state wage case whichever is greater;
  • 2022 wage increase for all staff of 2.5% or state wage case whichever is greater;
  • Consultation and dispute resolution clauses in line with the current Award;
  • Permanent conversion clause;
  • Transition-to-retirement clause;
  • Union delegate training and support clauses;
  • Updated overtime clauses to include double time for Saturday and Sunday work; and
  • Domestic and Family Violence Leave that also includes 10 days paid leave for victims and those supporting victims.

Not only has The Services Union delivered a huge win at TSIRC back paying staff in excess of $2 million, we also successfully negotiated a reduction in Stream A staff’s hours from 38hrs to 36.25hrs with the same annual salary. This was an important point for our Union and we delivered on this!

Remind any non-member colleagues what strong membership has delivered, and that joining will ensure we achieve a CA that you and your colleagues deserve. Members know that The Services Union is by your side every step of the way when it comes to CA negotiations and ensuring fairness and equity at work. Joining is easy at


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