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Cassowary Coast Regional Council

The Latest On Your Pay At Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Local Authorities February 19, 2019

The Services Union participated today in further conciliation around the new Cassowary Coast Regional Council Certified Agreement (CA) at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). We reported that State Secretary Neil Henderson held successful meetings last week where members strongly rejected Council’s inadequate wage offer. Other unions tabled similar reports.

We re-stated our wage proposal of:

  • 1st year $2,400
  • 2nd year 3%
  • 3rd year 2.5%
  • 4th year 2.5%

Council rejected that proposal. However, once the Unions had further proposed to simply maintain current CA provisions to resolve the other outstanding matters of Flexible Working Arrangements, On Call, and use of contractors, Council subsequently undertook to investigate and consider its options.

Council is to advise its position before the next conference on 6 March 2019. In the meantime, a reminder that tomorrow you will have the chance to vote on protected industrial action and stand with your colleagues in the other unions who have already made the commitment to show Council they are serious about a better deal. We’re making progress at the QIRC but we’re not home yet. Voting up industrial action gives us the best chance of finalising the new CA on favourable terms. Only members can influence the outcome, so if you’re not on board yet, join now at


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