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Sunshine Coast Council’s Undercooked Offer

Local Authorities June 18, 2020

The Services Union met with Sunshine Coast Council yesterday for further Certified Agreement (CA) discussions. Bearing in mind that our members have endorsed a quick settlement through a rollover of existing conditions, Council’s undercooked pay offer is disappointing and insulting:

  • 1st year 1%
  • 2nd year 1%
  • 3rd year 1.5%

While our Union remains open to discussing a lower increase for the first year, we are yet to be convinced of the merits of similarly unimpressive payrises in the following years. You deserve a wage package that recognises the productivity improvements you have already delivered and takes account of the significant federal and state government grants totalling over $10 million that Council has received.

Council also provided draft clauses for its proposed administrative changes concerning Dispute Resolution, Nine-Day Fortnight, Personal Leave and Long Service Leave. We are reviewing the clauses provided and will advise members as to the effects of Council’s proposals

Council stated that we could either accept its current wage offer with a rollover of conditions (and the proposed administrative changes), or submit a log of claims and re-start the bargaining process. What this bizarre statement fails to comprehend is that Council does not dictate to us how we should approach negotiations, and it is our members who decide our course of action. To that end, we will send invitations early next week for member meetings to discuss our next steps.

Members know that we are by your side throughout the whole bargaining process. Those who aren’t members are supporting a sub-standard pay proposal. Get on board today and contribute to a fair outcome for all staff:


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