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Sunshine Coast Council – Sticks to Undercooked Offer

Local Authorities July 31, 2020

Members of The Services Union at Sunshine Coast Council are understandably frustrated after several weeks of Certified Agreement (CA) discussions. At Wednesday’s meeting our Union worked our way through yet more of Council’s proposed changes, and again reminded Council that we are seeking a timely resolution with wages that reflect the productivity you have delivered during the pandemic.

Not only is Council sticking to its half-baked offer of 1%, 1.5% and 1.5%, it also wants you to agree to significant changes to long service leave, annual leave and span of hours before even considering a slightly better increase.

The Council is missing two key points. Firstly, to accept Council’s current offer would be to let your wages drift further downwards compared to those of your colleagues in similar workplaces, as the following indicative table demonstrates.

Secondly, according to Council’s own figures, a more realistic pay increase of 2.5% would be a mere 0.6% of Council’s 2020 budget.

It is rapidly becoming apparent that members need to encourage the Council to focus on what we thought was the understanding of all parties and the commencement of negotiations: a rollover of all current conditions with only minor changes, and a realistic pay increase. We will be seeking your feedback and input before the next meeting with Council which takes place next Thursday 6th August. We have scheduled member meetings for Wednesday 5 August (10.30-11am AND 12-1230pm) and we’ll shortly send Microsoft Teams calendar invites.

Members know that we are by your side throughout the whole bargaining process. Those who aren’t members are supporting a sub-standard pay proposal. Encourage a colleague to get on board today and contribute to a fair outcome for all staff:



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