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South Burnett – We Have a Start Date!

Local Authorities June 5, 2019

Negotiations for a new Certified Agreement (CA) between The Services Union and South Burnett Regional Council will commence on Thursday 11 July 2019. In addition to the first negotiation meeting we have also booked in meetings every two weeks up to and including Thursday 5 September.

Last year Council advised that they would only negotiation a new CA and meet with all unions as a Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) to jointly negotiate the two (Officers & Field Staff) Agreements together. The Services Union has been ready to commence negotiations for many months however unfortunately, the outdoor unions where not in a position to start negotiations for various reasons, so Council would not negotiation with us.

The Services Union have been advised that the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) have been appointed by Council to negotiate on their behalf.

Members would be aware that last year we surveyed you all and from the responses then formulated a Draft Log of Claims and we then emailed all members seeking further input and endorsement of the Log of Claims. We now have our Final Log of Claims that will be tabled at the first meeting if Council has their Log of Claims ready to also table at that meeting.

The Services Union is looking for members to be involved in the negotiations. We require nominations from interested members to step up and assist your union in maintaining and improving the wages and conditions at SBRC. If you are keen, please email Organiser Craig Dunn on

We have finalised new agreements with over 30 Councils across Queensland, and in all cases, we have delivered respectable pay increases without having to trade away conditions. We know that to get the best outcome there needs to be a strong Union presence.

Please encourage a colleague to join today and if you are reading this and are not yet a Union member, now is the time to get on board to add strength to the bargaining team. It’s easy at


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