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South Burnett Bargaining Update #1

Local Authorities July 17, 2019

On Thursday 11 July 2019, The Services Union together with representatives from the CFMMEU, the AWU and the TWU commenced bargaining with South Burnett Regional Council for a new Certified Agreement (CA). At this meeting we tabled our Log of Claims on behalf of our members as did the TWU; Council also tabled its Log of Claims.

Council’s Log of Claims included 30 points with some being:

  • Combining the current Officer/Indoor Staff CA and Field Staff CA into One CA covering all workers;
  • Pay increase consistent with current economic conditions, modest wages growth and consistent with councils’ budgetary constraints;
  • Flexibility in the days and span of hours for Libraries (work any 5 out of 7 days), Visitor Information Centres, Hall facilities, Waste Management Centres and public pools;
  • Use RDO’s for Christmas closedown;
  • Maximum accrual of 8 weeks annual leave and 15 weeks Long Service Leave;
  • Part time employees can work up to 8.50 hours per day;
  • Include clauses for Transition to Retirement, Major Projects, Local Work Area and Individual Flexibility;
  • Council prepared to consider payout of Leave Loading in December each year depending on how negotiations go.

The following clauses in your current agreement council wishes to vary, remove or revert to the Award provisions which in most cases are not as good as you currently have: Grievance/Dispute Resolution, Consultation, Transfer of Work Locations, Job Security, Fatigue Break, Construction Work Allowances and Union Encouragement.

Also, council wishes to remove and place the following clauses in your current agreement into a council policy: Uniform allowance/allocation, TOIL, Salary Sacrifice, Annualised Salary provision and Wet days.

Of great concern is that council wishes to also revise the Redundancy provision with payments consistent with the Queensland Employment Standards. This mean council wants to reduce redundancy pay from the current maximum 52 weeks to a maximum of 16 weeks. Rest assured we would never agree to this and will not trade away hard-won conditions such as redundancy provisions – here or anywhere else.

In advance of the next negotiation meeting on 8 August, parties will exchange draft clauses relating to their claims for review and discussion at the meeting.

Works Overseer and member Ron Nesbitt is assisting your union with the negotiations and is a wealth of knowledge however we would also like another member to be included from a predominantly office-based work area or the Libraries. If you are interested, please see Ron or contact me at

We’ve certified more than 30 new local government Agreements across the state on favourable terms, and we know that to get the best outcome there needs to be a strong Union presence. Encourage a colleague to join today and if you’re not yet a member, now is the time to get on board to add strength to the bargaining team. It’s easy at


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