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Seqwater Employees are Getting ‘Tied’ of it!

Local Authorities November 1, 2019


The Enterprise Bargaining process remains stalled as Seqwater management continues to insist that you receive a smaller wage increase than anyone else in Queensland Government-owned corporations.

The Services Union is continuing to press for an agreement that delivers fair conditions and the pay rise you are entitled to.

The impasse results from the way that Seqwater has treated important improvements which have been negotiated. The matters are (as reported to you recently):

  • Parity between on-call allowances for AO and PO employees;
  • Increasing night shift penalty for continuous shift workers;
  • High voltage switching allowance;
  • Paid Union meetings;
  • Minimum hours for work performed on Saturday;
  • Adult wages from 18 (previously adult wages from 21); and
  • Increase of Meal Allowance to ATO recommended rate.

Seqwater has taken the view that the cost they claim for these measures must be offset against your wage increase. The reasoning doesn’t stack up. Many of these matters are things which Seqwater should have been doing anyway. You should not have to pay to be treated fairly when you are rostered on call!

We are also concerned to get the Agreement wrapped up to ensure your job security into the future.

The Services Union officials will be visiting Seqwater workplaces over the next couple of weeks to consult with Seqwater members about the progress of negotiations and issues of concern in the workplace.

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