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Redland City Council

Redland City Council Shows True Colours

Local Authorities December 13, 2018

Redland City Council revealed its true colours yesterday during the Directions Hearing at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

The Hearing’s purpose was to determine dates to hear both Council’s submission in support of its application for a scope order (to determine which employees the proposed new Certified Agreement (CA) will cover), and The Services Union’s response to the application.

During the Hearing, Council stated that:

  • It wants to shift several local laws positions to the Stream B (outdoor) Award, thereby reducing those employees’ entitlements;
  • It has no interest in supporting our Union’s request for further negotiations on the matter;
  • It expects the QIRC process to last at least until mid-March;
  • It did not agree to our Union’s proposal that the first agreed pay increase of 2.4 per cent be paid immediately and back-dated to 1 July 2018.

So not only does Council want to cut conditions, it also is quite content to delay giving you and your colleagues a pay rise until at least three months into the new year (bearing in mind that Council’s proposal is that the first pay increase be delivered only upon certification of the new agreement).

Faced with this belligerent employer attitude, it is no wonder that members of our Union in local laws took protected industrial action yesterday in the form of a two-hour stoppage to draw attention to the threats that work area is being subjected to.

Council has the ability to fix this whole mess it created, and do so before the end of the year. All it needs to do is to agree to maintain all existing arrangements for all staff (given that was Council’s stated position on its application for a scope order), and reflect this in the new CA.

It is obvious that Council will do anything to delay your pay increase. Now is the time to follow the example of your local laws colleagues and decide what course of protected industrial action will work best in your area. This issue won’t be made to disappear by simply ignoring it, and once Council starts cutting conditions, where will it stop?

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