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redland city council

Redland City Council Members Vote Yes!

Local Authorities April 9, 2019

Members of The Services Union at Redland City Council overwhelmingly voted ‘yes’ in last Thursday’s certified agreement (CA) ballot. Our Union will work closely with Council towards prompt lodgement of the proposed CA with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. Upon certification by the Commission, Council will deliver the sign-on bonus and implement the new CA.

Congratulations to all who voted. Remember to thank your Workplace Delegates for their hard work during the negotiations, right up to staffing your ballot boxes and scrutinising the final count.

A key feature of the new CA is a revived Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) through which our Union will oversee implementation of the agreement and resolve emerging workplace issues. Workplace Delegates will be key to the JCC’s success. If there is no delegate in your work area and you’re interested in maintaining and improving conditions, contact

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