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Redland City Council

Could YOU Afford to Lose $15,000 per annum?

Local Authorities December 17, 2018

Members of The Services Union in Redland City Council’s Environment and Regulation Group stand to lose upwards of $15,000 per year. Having stared Council’s bargaining team down and repeatedly told them ‘NO’ to the proposition that they should cop penalty cuts for weekend work, local laws and animal management officers are under threat of being moved out of their current Stream A (Officers’) Award status and onto the Stream B (outdoor) Award.

This is the reason members of our Union have adopted the position that we should not settle the new Certified Agreement (CA) until Council agrees to put in writing that local laws and animal management officers won’t be moved out of Stream A to face lower pay and a 38-hour week. If Council is serious about its claim that the proposed agreement should maintain existing coverage arrangements, then it shouldn’t be a big ask for this to be captured in the new CA. However, as reported last week, Council’s bargaining representatives have stated (both at the table and in the Commission) that management does want to move local laws and animal management into the lower-paying Stream B. Confused? We are.

While the CEO’s decision to pay everyone a “delay bonus” is a welcome step in the right direction (and would not have happened had our Union not requested an interim increase at last week’s QIRC Directions Hearing), there is nothing stopping the CEO from passing on the agreed 2.4 per cent increase to base rates right now. The Services Union has written to the Mayor and Councillors to advise them of the current situation – read the letter here. And if you’re not yet a member of our Union, what’s standing between you and a pay-cut like what’s proposed for your local laws and animal management colleagues? Join now:


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