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Notice of Christmas Shutdown at Noosa Shire Council

Local Authorities June 23, 2020

Noosa Shire Council has advised The Services Union that it is proposing a partial Christmas shutdown this year between the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day holidays.  This advice is in accordance with clause 44 of the Certified Agreement, which specifies that council must provide six months’ notice.

Council advises that staff will be required to use banked RDO’s, TOIL, Flex-time or annual leave for time off.  Council has also provided assurances that all employees who will be affected by the proposed shutdown will be able to accrue the required amount of RDO, TOIL or Flex-time to cover the agreed shutdown period.

Some services will remain open based on operational and community needs. Council will provide further details as to which of the services are to remain open in due course, and managers will liaise with their teams to ensure adequate coverage is maintained in these areas.

It is traditionally quiet for most areas of Council. A partial shutdown will provide an opportunity to take time off between the public holidays.  However, if you have concerns, please contact your Workplace Delegate or the Union office on 3844 5300 (option 2).  We know your job is important to you, and if it ever feels like things are changing too quickly, remember we’re by your side.

Please share this update with your colleagues, and remind any non-members that robust union membership provides for stronger, safer working conditions and compliance with consultation requirements.

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