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No Change Without Consultation At Ipswich City Council!

Ipswich City Council – No Change Without Consultation

Local Authorities September 2, 2019

Members of The Services Union at Ipswich City Council are increasingly reporting that major structural changes are afoot. The one consistent factor across all reports is that there is no consistency in the nature of the proposed changes, sometimes even within the same department.

While this situation is understandably causing confusion, what members can be certain of is that no workplace change can be implemented before council notifies and consults with staff and the union. As required by legislation, the Certified Agreement is clear on this.

We will request a meeting with management to ascertain once and for all exactly what Council proposes, and advise members accordingly. In the meantime, talk to your Workplace Delegate immediately if you believe your branch is trying to implement change without consultation.

Members don’t have to face workplace restructures alone. Our union is with you every step of the way. We recognise the potential mental health impacts of workplace change, and Council should too.

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