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Mount Isa City Council – Joint Consultative Committee Update

Local Authorities May 10, 2021

The Services Union will always be there to represent Mt Isa City Council members’ interests at the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), as it is a crucial element of your union-negotiated Certified Agreement (CA). At last Thursday’s JCC, we discussed the following key items.

First Aid and Safety

Management will shortly circulate the updated list of First Aid Officers. Following our Union’s request, management will also re-circulate the list of newly elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and the Designated Work Groups (DWGs) they represent. If you have concerns that the current HSR/DWG structures do not provide adequate representation, please talk to your Workplace Delegate. Management advised that three of the four safety-related Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) connected with Waste Management had been resolved.

Four-Day Rosters

In response to our request at a previous JCC for details on the basis of the four-on four-off roster currently in use at the Waste Transfer Station, management stated that the arrangement was based on the facilitative provisions of the Stream B Award. If you are working such a roster and have questions or concerns, please talk to your Workplace Delegate.


Drug and Alcohol Testing: The Council intends to move from in-house testing to an independent third-party provider. Management will consult with the JCC over any related policy changes.
Smoking: the new smoking policy is about to go live, and the Council will provide access to quit-smoking programmes for any interested staff.

Staffing and Structure

The latest HR Employee Report shows very little fluctuation in staffing numbers since the start of the year. Management has submitted a proposed new organisational structure to Council. The new structure reduces the number of senior positions from four directors and 12 managers to 2 directors and 8 managers.
In response to our question about whether the reductions resulted from job losses, management stated that positions were already vacant or unfilled. Recruitment for manager roles is currently underway.

Fraud and Theft

The CEO advised the committee that he had recently circulated a memorandum regarding “drawing a line around fraud and theft”, and that recent occurrences had been referred to police. While we acknowledge the CEO’s legal responsibility to report improper conduct to the relevant authorities, we also note the recent and concerning increase in accusations being levelled at employees of several Local Authorities. If you have any concerns in this regard (or regarding any other workplace matter), please consult your Workplace Delegate:

  • Sandra Govender – Records/office staff
  • Tony Copelin – Fleet Management/outdoor staff

Our Union will always be here as your ally in the workplace to ensure that your employer follows the correct procedures. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, remind them that joining for peace of mind is easy at


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