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moreton bay regional council

Moreton Bay Regional Council Recognises Length of Service for Two-Tiered Staff

Local Authorities June 27, 2019

Today your Services Union bargaining team moved significantly closer to agreement with Moreton Bay Regional Council. The only outstanding issue was around recognition of years of service for staff who joined Council post-EBA3 (i.e. after December 2014). After much discussion, Council has now agreed that incremental progression will be part of the new agreement. This means that post-EBA3 staff will achieve some recognition of service, where before there was none.

Below is an example of the proposed recognition of length of service for staff who were on the lower wage tier under the two-tier system. This is a significant move, given Council’s previous proposal did not recognise any length of service.

Please note that similar progression would apply at all levels.

All union members have helped achieve this proposed wage uplift. Growing our membership will drive home these improvements. Encourage a colleague to join, and if you’re not already contributing to what’s being achieved, get on board today:


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