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moreton bay regional council

Moreton Bay Regional Council – One Step Closer

Local Authorities June 5, 2019

Our Union met with Moreton Bay Regional Council today to further discuss EBA4. Council agreed to some important changes proposed by The Services Union around dispute resolution and consultation changes. All Unions will be talking to their members over the next two weeks before the next bargaining meeting on Wednesday 18th June.

While Council have agreed to phase out two-tiering it has become clear Council’s proposal is that they will not recognise the years of service when staff transition back to Level 1 – 8. Below is the example of how this would impact on a Level 2 employee that started at MBRC in January 2015 (post EBA3)

Please note that both Council and Union proposals in the above table are using the proposed phasing out of two-tiering of 40% in the first year, 30% in the second year and 30% in the third year eventually phasing out the two-tier wage system.

Some Council staff have already missed out on over $20,000 in earnings and superannuation due to the current two-tiering system and we believe that not recognising prior experience and skill acquisition at MBRC would be unacceptable especially since our Union has been more than willing to entertain a compromise of phasing out the two-tiering compared to an overnight fix!

To win this battle and future battles we need to ensure that all staff at Council are members. Talk to your colleagues about joining today and make sure we push these changes through that benefit everyone. Joining is easy at


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