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Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council Employees Deserve Fair Pay!

Local Authorities November 29, 2018

Moreton Bay Regional Council staff have been stuck with unfair wages and conditions as a legacy of now defunct legislation for nearly four years.

Council removed previously agreed entitlements without compensation and forced down the wages of the lowest-paid female staff.

In that time, all Executive Managers, Councillors and the Mayor have watched their salaries grow.

This is not fair!

Attack on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value

Using the Newman Government’s Industrial Relations Act at the very end of 2014, Moreton Bay Regional Council was able to cut pay rates for new starters in the lower levels of the Administrative, Technical and Community Salary scale and destroy the equal pay rates within Council.

The Services Union members affected have been campaigning hard to oppose this attack on equal pay, but so far Council is refusing to budge from their position.

  • Overall there are roughly 350 new staff (current) that have started at MBRC since December 15th 2014; and
  • 162 of these are Levels 1-3 (classification 1-10 in the two-tier system); and
  • 106 of these 162 are female workers, with an average of 65.4% of those affected by two-tiering.

This arrangement disproportionately impacts women employees at Council.

Our Union has made new agreements with over 20 Councils so far, including removing a similar two-tier wage structure at Fraser Coast Regional Council and convincing Logan City Council to step away from their push to add two-tiering! There is no reason for Moreton Bay Regional Council to be any different.

Your support is required – click the following link and add your name to the petition calling on Moreton Bay Regional Council to treat their staff – and your fellow members – fairly!


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