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Moreton Bay Living Up to Review?

Local Authorities March 24, 2020

The Services Union recently wrote to all Queensland local authorities requesting twenty days’ paid pandemic leave to ensure that our members’ incomes are maintained should circumstances deteriorate. This request was in line with measures adopted by Brisbane City Council and also by the State Government in respect of the Public Service and instrumentalities.

While some Councils have supported our request in line with comparably sized employers, it is very disappointing that Moreton Bay Regional Council has chosen not to adopt important measures like those proposed. Our Union advocated strongly for paid pandemic leave at the recent MEG meeting and will continue to do so. Despite our highlighting to Council that many staff do not have sufficient sick leave, Council would rather see staff go into leave debt than offer pandemic leave.

Once we get to the other end of this crisis it will be important that staff still have enough leave entitlements for work-life balance and any future illnesses. The Grassroots review highlighted a lack of compassion and an uncompromisingly rigid and inflexible approach from previous management, and it seems that Council is not interested in putting its words around improving this situation into action. Our members want to continue supporting the local community through this crisis, but they also want to know that their employer is going to do the right thing by its staff.

We want to know how this lack of meaningful action is going to affect you. Advise your Workplace Delegate of any specific concerns you have. If there is no delegate in your work group, contact Union Organiser Tom Rivers on 0429 874 228 or email

Remember that it is only The Services Union who is advocating for appropriate measures under the current circumstances. Not yet a member? Join now:


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