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Livingstone Shire Council

Members Unite to Secure Conditions at Livingstone

Local Authorities October 28, 2019

After a 16-month campaign to protect your rights and improve conditions, The Services Union registered your new Livingstone Shire Council – Officers Certified Agreement (CA) at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) on Friday 25 October 2019.

This is an important step following de-amalgamation – you finally have your own CA once again. Congratulations to all members of our Union who participated in this process for a positive outcome.

Well done to our Workplace Delegates who stood firm for members’ interests throughout this process. It is not always an easy task, but our Union delegates did a fantastic job and deserve a special round of applause for their efforts.

The new Certified Agreement protects some of the best redundancy entitlements in Queensland and improves your job security. There is a range of other improvements, including:

  • Access to leave at half pay
  • Sick leave in much smaller periods (i.e. from half an hour)
  • Improved study assistance and commitments to learning and development

Of significance after such a protracted campaign is the guarantee of pay rises of not less than 2.2% annually over the next two years. Given the first offer from Council was a once off payment of $1000 (and no further increases) this is a vastly improved outcome for all members.

The Services Union proudly commends all Union members – you deserve to stand a little taller today. This is a strong outcome for Union members, by Union members. Not yet on board? Joining is easy at


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