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maranoa regional council

Maranoa Members Lock In New Conditions

Local Authorities February 17, 2020

Congratulations to all members of The Services Union at Maranoa Regional Council! Our Union recently formalised your new Certified Agreement (CA) at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC), and it’s a great result.

Highlights of your new CA include:

  • Maintenance of key conditions of employment;
  • Improved Consultation provisions;
  • Improved Natural Disaster Leave;
  • Inclusion of Domestic and Family Violence Leave;

Salary Increase of 9.3% for the life of the Agreement:

  • One-off sign-on bonus payable from the first pay period after a successful vote of the Agreement: 2.2% (already paid in December 2019)
  • Plus annual increases of:
    • Year 1 – 2.1% (due to be paid by Council first full pay period after 4 February 2020);
    • Year 2 – 2.5%;
    • Year 3 – 2.5%.

A key feature of the new CA is a revived Employee Consultative Committee (ECC) through which our Union will oversee implementation of the agreement and resolve emerging workplace issues. Workplace Delegates will be key to the ECC’s success. If there is no delegate in your work area and you’re interested in maintaining and improving conditions, contact your Regional Organiser Craig Dunn on

It is only thanks to the resolve of all members at Maranoa Regional Council and the leadership of your Workplace Representatives that we achieved another great Local Government CA outcome, from developing the log of claims right through to lodgement of the finalised CA with the QIRC.

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