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Logan City Council Wants To Lock In Low Wages For Four Years

Local Authorities May 14, 2021

As a hard-working employee at Logan City Council, you deliver essential services each and every day to your local community.

With this in mind – you deserve to be paid fair wages for the work you do and so you can keep up with the rising cost of living.

The Services Union met with Council management on Thursday 13 May for further discussions around your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

Unfortunately, Council management tabled a wage offer that is like a half-baked cake!

Even though some claims are yet to be discussed, Council tabled this pay offer to you:

  • 1.7%, 1.8%, 1.9% and 2%;
  • No benchmark against CPI; and
  • No backdating to the expiry of the current agreement.

This offer means the gap between your wages and the cost of living will surge!

Management has also rejected members’ claim for progression from Level 1.6 to Level 2 as they don’t believe it would be fair for staff currently on Level 2.

In addition, there are several claims that have a financial cost yet to be discussed. The normal practice is to move to the wages component after all claims have been negotiated.

After much discussion, the combined Unions aren’t prepared to provide a counteroffer to Council’s position until all items tabled have been discussed. Only then will all Unions be able to consider the wages component.

We will continue to be by our members’ side throughout the whole bargaining process.

A strong and informed Union presence at Logan City Council is the best way to make this happen.

Those who aren’t members are supporting a sub-standard pay proposal, so make sure you share this update with your workmates.

Ask them to join our Union to support a better outcome. Remind them that joining is easy at


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