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Logan City Council – Time To Talk Dollars

Local Authorities July 20, 2021

The Services Union will resume bargaining with Logan City Council for your new Certified Agreement (CA) this Thursday. Hopefully we will see some more action around the headline pay increase. We’ve certainly set the scene for this, having told the Council at the last few meetings that it should improve its current offer and abandon its pursuit of a four-year deal. At the last meeting on 8 July (via videoconference), management representatives undertook to come to this week’s meeting armed with a revised pay offer. In order to assist the Council in its revision process, the combined unions tabled a claim for 3%, 3.25% and 3.5% and reinforced our position that four years is not an option.

As to other matters from the last meeting, the Council was unsupportive of our claim to reduce the classification review turnaround period to four weeks, stating that its systems were just not set up to accommodate this change. The Council similarly rejected our claim for automatic progression from Level 1.6 to 2.1. We await advice from the Council on numbers and locations of staff currently employed at 1.6 and will be seeking feedback from our members in that space.

Please stay tuned for an update following this Thursday’s meeting. As your ally in the workplace, we’re keen to stay by your side for as long as it takes to achieve the CA you deserve. A strong, informed Union in your workplace is the best way to make it happen, so encourage a colleague to join today. It’s easy at


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