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Local Authorities October 15, 2020

The Services Union knows that you and your Logan City Council colleagues value the ability to have input into your workplace. That’s why we regularly attend Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs) to discuss proposed changes and raise current issues on your behalf. At the most recent JCC on Tuesday 13 October, we discussed the following matters:

Christmas Eve Pay Rates

Our Union advanced the position that employees required to be on call over the Christmas period should have all public holidays including the partial Christmas Eve holiday recredited as full days to be taken as leave at a later time. Management agreed to implement this, while foreshadowing further discussions on this topic at next year’s EBA talks.

Management Directive: Managing Ill and/or Injured Employees

We raised concerns around the following aspects of the proposal:

  • Formation of a Case Management Team – who gets to be on the Team and why
  • Lack of reference to dispute procedure if there is disagreement as to the process
  • Health Assessment – our Union tabled the position that an employee should be able to use their own practitioner in the first instance. Should the employer wish to send an employee to a council approved practitioner, the employee must give approval & the assessment must be directly related to the issue of concern.
  • We reinforced our view that the Directive should include reference to an affected employee being able to have Union representation throughout the process.
  • Council will consider these points and provide amended wording which hopefully addresses the concerns raised.

Executive Support Team

Our Union has been involved in discussions regarding changes to the Executive Support Team’s roles in parallel to the JCC. The next meeting will occur at a time suitable to management, the affected staff and the Union.

EBA Negotiations

Council will provide a draft bargaining timetable at the next JCC, currently scheduled for 3 December. Discussions will commence early in 2021. Members should expect to hear from us in advance of this regarding what you want the new agreement to look like.

Please talk to your Workplace Delegate if you have any questions about this update, or if you have unresolved issues you would like raised at the next JCC. Members know that representing your interests on consultative forums is just one of the ways we are by your side. Know someone who’s not yet a member? Joining is easy at


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