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Logan City Council – Bargaining Wins But Still No Offer

Local Authorities May 4, 2021

No matter how long it takes, The Services Union will always be by your side to make sure you get the Certified Agreement (CA) that you deserve. Our Union met with Logan City Council on Thursday 29 April for further CA discussions. While the Council and the other Unions had significantly more issues up for discussion than we did, we came away with several wins.

Regarding equity for part-time staff, we have delivered on one aspect of this, with the Council agreeing that part-time Workplace Delegates should be able to access Union training on a pro-rata basis. As to the issue of Christmas Leave, our Union will facilitate discussions with part-time members to discuss Council’s proposition in response to our claim for equity in accessing the unused leave.

The Council confirmed its recent practice of accruing a day’s leave for staff rostered on-call for the part-day Christmas Eve public holiday would be put into the new CA. We also got the Council’s agreement to include Mental Health policy development as a standing item on the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) agenda on the basis of the current CA’s wording, thereby bringing us closer to delivering on our 30th Way campaign goal.

As to your other claims, the Council has already stated its intention to maintain all current conditions; our matters relating to classification have not yet featured in discussions. Finally, the Council has yet to table a pay offer; however, given that management still seems to want a four-year deal, it is our expectation (and that of the other unions) that the pay increase would be impressive enough to justify an agreement of that length. A strong and informed Union presence at Logan City Council is the best way to make this happen, so if you work with someone who is not yet contributing to a fair bargaining outcome, remind them that joining is easy at


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