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Logan City Council – Bargaining Update

Local Authorities June 11, 2021

The Services Union and several other Unions met with Logan City Council yesterday for further Certified Agreement (CA) discussions.

Overall, we were able to maintain the pace at which we have been moving through the combined log of claims, with several more items now agreed in principle. Aside from fairly straightforward redrafting for clarity, the newly agreed items include the ability to take Long Service Leave in blocks of time reflective of your actual work week if you work less than five days, clearer Carer’s Leave provisions, and a fairer Absenteeism Strategy.  We briefly discussed the Council’s response to our part-time members’ claim about payout of unused Christmas Leave, and we will need to gather input from affected members prior to the next negotiation.

We briefly discussed the headline items of pay increases and length of agreement, with the Council pressing all Unions on whether our position on the current offer of 1.7%, 1.8%, 1.9% and 2% over four years had changed – which of course it hasn’t. Our Union emphasised that the pay offer would have to be pretty special for us to want to saddle up for four years, and that there is nothing special about what is currently on offer.

The Council also revisited its claim for Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) with no penalty rates outside the span of normal hours (6am – 6pm), stating that there were currently 600 FWAs either active or awaiting assessment. When we requested details on this figure, management representatives stated that approximately 175 requests involved changes to working hours, and that only a “minimal” number involved proposals to work outside of normal hours. We therefore questioned the Council’s need to pursue this claim and look forward to further advice from the Council on this matter in a fortnight.

The end is not quite in sight, but we’re getting closer. If you work with someone who is not yet a member but wants an agreement that recognises your efforts without reducing conditions, remind them that it’s easy to join at


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