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Livingstone Shire Council – Combined Unions Meeting Next Week

Local Authorities October 7, 2021

Bargaining is almost finished at Livingstone Shire Council. There are three important issues still outstanding, and unfortunately, this will only change if the Councillors and CEO understand the importance of these issues:

  1. Job security – we need confidence and commitment to a secure future, especially if there is a boundary realignment
  2. Wage increases – cost of living in this area is increasing (rents are tough!) and a fair wage increase needs to help you keep up
  3. Payout of sick leave –  council workers have given a career to this workplace, and it there needs to be recognition of the sacrifices

All Unions are having a BBQ meeting in Beaman Park on Tuesday at 12:30pm. It is vitally important that you be there. Every single Union member needs to take their lunch break and attend; don’t let work pressures and workload get in the way of having your voice heard.

The only way to finish this quickly, and avoid it getting dragged out for months, is if everyone turns up.

See you there.


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