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Isaac Regional Council – Your Input Required On Council’s Offer

Local Authorities February 9, 2021

The Services Union knows how hard you and your fellow members at Isaac Regional Council work to deliver vital local services. That’s why we’ll always work hard to ensure that Certified Agreement (CA) negotiations deliver pay increases that recognise your efforts and keep you from slipping behind.

The Council has tabled an improved offer we believe is worthy of your consideration. Total details are as follows:

  • 2020/21: Increase by 0.75% (on top of 1% admin increase already being paid) or $20 per week (whichever is higher) back paid to 1 July 2020
  • 2021/22: Increase of 2.5% or $30 per week (whichever is higher) payable from 1 July 2021
  • 2022/23: Increase of 2.5% or $30 per week (whichever is higher) payable from 1 July 2022


The Council has also agreed to match Brisbane CPI for the second and third years of the CA if the CPI moves ahead of the increases mentioned above.

The offer includes maintaining Employer Superannuation contributions at 2.5% above the Federal Guarantee. Those earning less than $450 per month will now receive Superannuation on their ordinary time earnings.

Further, Council has agreed to increase the redundancy cap to 52 weeks’ pay which will still be accrued at two weeks’ pay for every year of service. Parental Leave has also been increased for non-birthing partners from three to five days.

We have also negotiated for staff to have a voice in the creation of policy for improved Mental Health outcomes, as well as Renewable Energy policies which will fund staff development and help bolster local employment. The Council has committed to grandfathering the Christmas bonus for the few staff still in receipt of same.

However, the Council’s latest On-Call Allowance offer remains set at $25 for Stream A (indoor) staff. The offer also does not include No Forced Redundancies or increased remuneration for travel to other work locations outside normal hours.

Where to now?

You are the Union and Your Workplace Delegates need to hear from you so they can act as your voice at the negotiating table.

We will shortly invite members to a Zoom meeting so you can let us know your views on whether we accept the offer as it stands, or whether you and your colleagues feel strongly enough about the unresolved matters to take action in support of an improved offer.

Members of our Union know we are by your side to help you navigate the various options when it comes to bargaining. If you know someone who’s not a member, let them know they can get on board with us at:


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