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Isaac Regional Council – Let’s Talk About Your Pay

Local Authorities September 15, 2020

We know you and your colleagues have all worked hard to keep Isaac Regional Council and the local community functional and safe during the pandemic crisis. We also know that you deserve a new Certified Agreement (CA) that recognises your efforts and rewards you accordingly.

Unfortunately, Council seems to have a different idea. As you will see from the summary table attached to this update, Council’s position on most of your claims is “no”.

And while we acknowledge that Council has already come good with a 1% administrative pay increase, the overall pay proposal is not that impressive when considered in the context of neighbouring Councils:

  Isaac Central Highlands Mackay Charters Towers
Level 2.1 60,265.67 62,074.97 60,500 64,172
Level 3.1 66,194.66 67,990.12 67,586 69,676
Level 5.1 77,853.20 80,483.94 82,036 80,003


Council has been similarly dismissive of your claim for no forced redundancies and has added insult to injury by refusing to offer better severance pay. It is worth noting that with severance currently capped at 26 weeks, you are significantly worse off in this regard than your colleagues at Central Highlands, Mackay, Charters Towers and Whitsunday.

The next negotiation meetings will take place in Dysart on 12 and 13 October. It currently appears that the outcome of those and future meetings may very well be determined by the level of resolve of you and your fellow Isaac Regional Council employees. In order to formulate our position going into those negotiations, your Workplace Delegates will convene a series of member meetings (both in-person and via web platform) where we will discuss in detail Council’s position on your claims, and decide on the course of action. Please stay tuned for details of those meetings and encourage your colleagues to attend with you.

In the meantime, share this update with your colleagues and remind any non-members that now is the time to get on board and help deliver an agreement that appropriately rewards you for what you’ve already delivered for Council and your community. Joining is easy at


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