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Isaac Regional Council – Bargaining Headway Made

Local Authorities April 20, 2021

The Services Union is acutely aware of how long the bargaining process is taking with Isaac Regional Council and we are doing everything we can to get it over the line for you.

Our bargaining team is working tirelessly to deliver the wage increases and improvements to conditions that you deserve.

The offer from Council below is still the same but we have seen an improvement in the on-call allowance for Stream A (indoor staff) from $25 up to $30 in July 2021 and $35 in July 2022.

Year Increase
2020/21 Increase by 0.75% (on top of 1% admin increase already being paid) or $20 per week (whichever is higher) back paid to 1 July 2020
2021/22 Increase of 2.5% or $30 per week (whichever is higher) payable from 1 July 2021
2022/23 Increase of 2.5% or $30 per week (whichever is higher) payable from 1 July 2022


Council’s newly proposed ‘hybrid wage offer’ to indoor and outdoor staff was something that all parties found agreement on, with our members happy with the backpay to July 2020 and the outdoor Unions settling for less backpay and a slightly higher increase of 2.75% for the next two years. The quantum being the same for indoor and outdoor but just divvied up differently.

However, the elephant in the room is that the outdoor Unions are insisting on separating the Agreement and Council are not budging on the current one Agreement. This may now end up in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in order to get an outcome either way so watch this space!

Members of our Union know we are by your side to help you navigate the various options when it comes to bargaining. If you know someone who’s not a member, let them know they can get on board with us at:


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