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Ipswich City Council – You Deserve More!

Local Authorities October 1, 2021

The Services Union understands the vital community services you and your colleagues deliver at Ipswich City Council.

We also know that being paid fairly in your new Enterprise Agreement Bargaining Agreement (EBA) means you will not only be able to keep up with the cost of living, you will be able to help support and boost the local economy.

Unfortunately, Council management can’t seem to join the dots and currently don’t agree with the wages offer you tabled.

Based on your feedback, a revised proposal was been put forward consisting of:

  • 9.75% over three years;
  • CPI safety provisions in the second and third years; and
  • 0.75% superannuation increase to maintain your margin above the legislated employer contribution.

TSU Counter Proposal 

The Council stubbornly rejected this and tabled a slightly improved offer of 6.4% over three years, with no CPI safety net.

The good news is, Council has proposed to extend Cultural Leave to 10 paid days and five unpaid days. We welcome this. However, we’ve made it clear to the Council that this alone is not enough; wages must improve!

You already know that when you and your colleagues take an interest in your conditions and join our Union, you achieve better outcomes.

Unfortunately, not everyone at your workplace has joined the dots about this either!

What can you do right now?

  1. Share this newsletter with your colleagues.
  2. Ask a colleague who is not a member of our Union to make a simple choice:

Either support the Council’s campaign to force sub-standard wages OR support YOUR campaign to improve wages. 

Joining is easy at:

Your Workplace Delegate Doug Washington ( has made himself available for your feedback, either in person or via email. Your input is vital!


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