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Ipswich City Council Joint Consultative Committee Update

Local Authorities May 14, 2021

The Services Union attended Tuesday’s Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) with Ipswich City Council.

The biggest talking point was the upcoming Certified Agreement (CA) negotiations. We will be surveying you shortly to develop our own Log of Claims so watch this space. Once we develop a Log of Claims, we will hold member endorsement meetings.

There were further discussions around the ICT restructure and also the speed with which Council are filling vacancies. Our Union made it clear to Council that we want to see a quicker turnaround when it comes to filling vacant positions. If this is not happening, let your local Workplace Delegate know.

Your Union also highlighted that Council are not adhering to the CA when it comes to making casuals aware when they are eligible for conversion to a permanent position. Council have now committed to rectifying this. If you are a casual and want a permanent position, please call the Union and we can assist with this process. If you know a casual in this position, recommend they join the Union.


  1. Casual employment

17.1. Conversion of Casual Officers

A Casual Officer who has been engaged in accordance with this subclause shall, at the completion of six (6) months service, have a right to elect to have their employment converted to full-time or part-time employment if it could be reasonably expected that their employment is to continue. Council shall advise the Officer in writing of their right to elect to have their employment converted to full-time or part-time employment.


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