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Investigations Are On The Rise at Gympie Regional Council

Local Authorities July 16, 2021

The Services Union is by your side to represent the interests of Gympie Regional Council (GRC) members. In the past year, our Union’s industrial team has seen an increase in the number of investigations at GRC. This increase has also been happening during a time of uncertainty around what the future organisation structure at GRC may look like.

Concerningly, some of these investigations into alleged events date back more than five years. This makes it very difficult to provide clear information about what has been alleged. Members have also advised the Union that outcomes of other investigations have been based on a “she said, he said” scenario. We are also advised that some investigations are taking longer than six months. This is unacceptable.

An employer has a right and at times an obligation to investigate matters of concern and GRC is no different. The process though should be fair, reasonable, consistent and respectful. We know that’s what everyone wants, right?

If you are requested to attend an investigation meeting, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Allegations need to be in writing and should be specific, not vague or general in nature.
  2. You have the right to respond and you must be given a reasonable time to consider the allegation/s and provide a written response.
  3. You should be given the opportunity to have a support person present during any meeting.

Have you been involved in an investigation or know a colleague who has? Have you been called as a witness for an investigation? Do you want to ensure any investigation carried out is conducted in a fair, reasonable, consistent and respectful manner? In addition, do you feel it is important for investigations to be undertaken in a timely manner and that employees are advised of the outcome?

We want to hear from you via this short survey at to enable us to ensure best practice guidelines are followed in all future investigations. Please complete the survey before Friday 23 July.

Click here to go to our Industrial Resources section which includes files on matters around investigations and more.

If you are the subject of an investigation, it does not mean you are in the wrong. There is a process employers need to follow to ensure you are heard fairly and equitably. Being a member of The Services Union means you will have support every step of the way. We are by your side.

A strong and well-informed group of workers achieves better outcomes in the workplace. Know someone who is not in our Union? Speak with them about the importance of having a strong membership. Joining is easy at


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